This card gives your
guests the
information they
need to make travel
arrangements. If you
are having a
destination wedding
or your guests have
to travel to get to
you... this is a must!

If you send best to
include the card in
this mailing.

Otherwise you
would include it with
your wedding

The examples
shown could be
used as separate
pieces or as a
front-back option.

These give your
guest simple driving
directions from their
This is good to
include in the
wedding invitation
even if it's not a
destination wedding.

Some guests
although living in
your state may not
be familiar with the
location you've
chosen for the
wedding or reception.

Directions in any
"for instance" are a
great help to your

It is also good...a
good way to include
your wedding
website info.
Direction & Accommodation Cards