Shannon's Calligraphy 100% VIP Option
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Guest Addressing of
the Outer & Inner
Lined Inner
Invitation with
Accommodation &
Direction Card
Response Card
with and Stamped
Lined Outer Envelope
Accommodation &
Direction Card
2-Layer Invitation
Response Card
with Stamped Envelope
Bow Tying
(Add .25 per invitation)
*RSVP numbering is done to insure identification, some guests forget return the card or to add their name.
Correct RSVP counts are especially important for your catering count .(
Non-VIP Add .05 per card =$5 per 100)
~See Numbering Sample Below~
STAMPS are purchased by customer. (Outer Envelopes .71 stamp & Response Envelopes .50 stamp)
I can purchase stamps locally for you to avoid additional shipping charges.
(Square Envelopes & Envelopes over 6" tall require additional postage. ~ .71 & .50 ea. plus .50 for rsvp)
-Add enough money to cover all the stamps you'll need with your 1st payment.-
Check List is provided on the
Order Form
This is a example of
Hand Stamp -or- Hand Canceling
This will slightly overlap the stamp.

MOST Post Offices no longer offer
hand stamping services. If they do
YOU have to do it yourself.
This is an actual example of a machine cancelled invitation envelope.
This may not happen in all cases but why take the chance.
Shown Above
Handwritten Style #2

For use with
Handwritten Calligraphy
or Machine Addressing
($2.00 per invitation set, for Handwritten Calligraphy - $1.00 per invitation set for Machine Addressing).
From Save-the-Date
Cards using VIP
For the busy bride & groom...this includes Guest Addressing of (Outer & Inner Envelopes), Invitation Assembly,
RSVP Card Numbering,Stuffing, Stamping, Sealing & Mailing including Hand-Canceling of Stamps at the Post Office
($2.00 per invitation set, for Handwritten Calligraphy - $1.00 per invitation set for Machine Addressing).
RSVP numbers are very small
numbers on the back of your rsvp
cards. They coincide with numbers
on your guest list. No one but you
will ever even know they are there.
They are SO helpful. Sometimes
guests don't return rsvp's at all or
they may just write "Bill", you'll be
able to flip your card over & see that
it's #240 William Young on your list.
It will also help you delegate  
between your various guest lists.
This way you can give your mom &
your future in-laws the guests on
their list that did not reply...
I DO NOT TRACK THE RSVP numbers, the rsvp's come back to you.
Not all invitations have all these pieces, this is just an example.
See an example of guest list formatted in a Word Document or Excel Document
Your guest list doesn't have to be written out in full, this is just a helpful sample.
($2.00 per invitation set, for Handwritten Calligraphy - $1.00 per invitation set for Machine Addressing).
Bring me your invitations, set the mailing date, email your guest list & YOU
ARE DONE! You have just turned your stack of boxes into a Beautifully
Completed Invitation using the VIP Option.

You can bring or ship the boxes to me yourself or have them directly drop shipped to me from your
invitation company to avoid additional shipping charges.
I have great
references or look for bridal brag on The Knot or Atlanta Bridal. I know this may seem
scary, leaving such an important wedding element to a stranger. The proof of work completed will
be guest response. This is so great for the busy bride or the groom given this task to complete.

I will text or email you a picture of your invitations on mailing day. This gives you a sneak peek and
also let's you know that your invites were mailed on the requested date. All of your remaining
pieces will be returned 10 days after mailing. This allows time for adding guests if you forgot
someone, run into an old friend, get an unexpected gift, several guests decline and for returned
envelopes. All envelopes are double sometimes triple checked before mailing for accuracy.
However, any mistakes
made by me are always fixed & re-mailed to your guest for free.
Visit my
Facebook Page to see samples from previous clients.