I will handwrite (1 of each): invitation, response card, response envelope address and outer envelope return address.
I'll sign a release for mass production, you can then send the art work to your preferred invitation company or print shop.

($15.00 for all listed invitation pieces for templates with signed release to reproduce.)

Return the printed pieces to me for handwritten addressing ~ $2.00 per Outer & Inner Guest Addressing

Handwritten Calligraphy Invitations
-2 Options Available-

I handwrite EACH invitation,
response card, response envelope
address, outer envelope return address
and guest address.
$15 per invitation, on your paper.

(Broken down pricing: Invite up to 14 lines $8.00,
Response Card $3.00, Response Envelope
Address $1.25, Outer Envelope Return Address $1.25,
Guest Address: includes Outer & Inner envelopes $1.50)

If you do not require all the items in the broken down price,
just remove the item not needed to calculate your price.

This option works for a small gathering
(25 or less). You can purchase invitation
sets like the one shown by Crane's at your
local Stationary Shop or online.
I hope I didn't make this to confusing. Please feel free to email any questions???